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Callie Brown - young figure skater from England

My Story

My Story:
My name is Callie Brown. I am eight years old. I started skating two years ago at Slough Ice arena, I began by having group lessons, then I started having private lessons with my coach Vicky Wright. I enjoyed my lessons very much, then after nine months I joined the junior academy were I won a trophy for (most promising skater of the year). I loved the club as I got to skate on a weekend. I started having more lessons and quickly progressed, taking part in shows and competitions. I have done well in the open competitions but hope to do better this year. I have a ten year old brother Jake, and he supports my skating. He gets up early in the mornings so I can skate. He also does a lot of sports; football, athletics, netball, swimming and he is starting break dancing soon. All my family and friends come to my competitions to cheer me on. It's great.

Accomplishments: (2006)
Skater of the month - February
Most promising skater of the year - March
My first open comp in beginners - 8th place out of 16 in Bracknell
Slough closed free competition - 1st place in May
Milton keynes open competion - 3rd place in June
Bracknell open competition - 2nd place in June
Basingstoke open comp - 5th place in June
Guilford open comp - 3rd place in July
Slough closed dance competition - 1st place in Aug
Swindon open comp - 2nd place in September
Alexandra Palace open comp - 2nd in October
I also passed my field moves nisa level 1 2 and 3
My free and elements nisa level 1
My compulsary dance nisa level 1 and 2
my free dance nisa level 1 2 and 3

My Short Term Goals:
To skate a clean program in the open competitions this year
To pass my nisa levels field moves 4 and 5
And my nisa levels 2 and 3 in free and elements
And nisa levels 4 and 5 in free dance
I would also love to land all my doubles and do a billman spin by my ninth birthday in December

My Long Term Goals:
To represent Great Britain in the Olympics in 2014

Callies Phrase:
Skating is a pasion of mine when my blades touch that ice I want to be the best in the world

Vicky Wright

I am in year 3 the first year of the juniors
I am an excellent student and got top marks in my exams last year
I am hoping to go to grammar school which will also take a lot of hard work

My school are very supportive with my figure skating. They allow me to skate in the mornings and have time off to compete in open competitions so I am very grateful to them.

I dont get to train as much as I would like to, as I dont live close to the Ice rink but I have 3 to 4 lessons a week and practise 7 hours a week I would love to skate all day everyday.